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Installing Uber Menus in DWB using EnterprisePress Skin

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  • Installing Uber Menus in DWB using EnterprisePress Skin

    So I installed Uber Menus 3 in my Dynamik Website builder site set up with EnterprisePress skin.

    I did the same thing on Parallax theme for Genesis and got it working fine, however for this theme and skin combination I can't get the mega menu to work. I was wondering if anyone has any pointers for doing this.

    This is the site I'm doing it on:

    I'm also in the middle of making a video the background for the top image area, so just ignore that, unless you have some pointers on using EasyWPVideo as well. Or know of a plug-in that works better with DWB.

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    It looked like the 'Services' menu has a special menu that is working.


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      They 2 menus you see should be the exact same thing. The top one is the one I'm actually trying to keep, so I set the menu to white just to make it stand out up top ad that did nothing. It looks like the Dynamic Design --> Header Nave styles are overwriting the UberMenus styles.

      So what I really need to know is how to turn these off entirely, I'm sure there is a PHP shipped for it, but I don't know what it is.