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    I'm using the latest versions of Genesis and Dynamik with a privately developed (not by me) Wild Country skin. I see that Genesis has an archive function but I haven't found any information on it. I need to add a newsletter archive to my site. Does anyone have experience with this?

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    Unfortunately we don´t know how you do your newsletters and what service you use. Normally, this wouldn´t be related to Genesis or Dynamik or a skin.

    For HTML newsletters, there´s the good-old-manual way:
    If you manage your newsletters from Wordpress, there might be plugins that offer a way to do that.


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      Thank you for your response. I'm sorry that I didn't include enough information. These newsletters have already been created and are in PDF format. We are not looking for a newsletter creation and management system. We simply want to be able to put the newsletters (only created 24 in the last 6 years) into an archive so they can be 1) listed in chronological order on a page, and 2) linked to in the unlikely event that someone will want to retrieve one of them. As a new newsletter is created, saved to PDF format and distributed to the less than 100 members of the association we want to be able to add it to the archive.

      Effectively, I am simply looking for a way to store a number of PDF files (24 presently) on my host computer and be able to list them in chron order on a Wordpress page.


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        You can upload existing pdf´s to any folder on your server (or via media-uploader in Wordpress dashboard) and link to their URL on any page of your site. That is the manual way.
        There are also plugins to handle uploaded document files and provide them for download.
        You could also add the link (or the content? Depends on how it looks...) to a post with category newsletter and create an archive page that will only list those posts.

        For 100 members though it would be worth to have a look at existing services where you can create html-newsletters (more standard than pdf) - and plugins that connect them with your Wordpress installation.

        There are many ways, actually, most of them not really related to Dynamik... The developer who made your skin should be able to help you with that, too, I would assume?
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          Why not upload them (PDF's) to your WP Media Library. Then create a page, and simply add all the PDF as links.


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            Thanks SIGa and Sogwap for your help. I appreciate it.