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How to get the home banner widget area in Freshly

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  • How to get the home banner widget area in Freshly

    This question arised a few times before and though there is a valid answer from Sogwap here already, I decided to add the skin-integrated (exportable) widget area solution also.

    To make it clear what I´m talking about: The Freshly skin from CobaltApps has (had? It´s gone in the demo meanwhile, but still in the preview screenshot) the blue home banner area under the Feature Top that says "Check out the latest featured articles from the blog". The CSS was integrated in the skin but the widget area was not.
    Here it goes - you could use that in other skins, too, if you want to.

    1.) Go and get the code here (please be sure to READ the instructions!):
    Don´t forget to click "Save" after you added PHP and CSS (if necessary).
    2.) Go to Appearance - Widgets, drag a text widget into the Home Banner widget area and add a line of text. Save. Voila. (Will be added only to frontpage).

    Have fun!

    freshly home banner.JPG
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    Hi SiGa - I have added the php to Freshly skin (the CSS was already there), and the banner widget area has appeared on my widgets page. I put a text widget with some text in it into the banner area, and saved it, but the banner has not appeared. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on this - thanks. Here's my test site


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      There is actually nothng I could think of if you followed all steps and read the comments in the code... And if something just doesn´t show up, I can´t tell anything from looking at frontend either, unfortunately.
      I´d do a test, remove the PHP code and just add a Custom Widget to the same hook in Dynamik Custom, name it freshly_home_banner and add the class "freshly-home-banner" so the CSS will keep working.
      If this doesn´t work either, there´s a problem in your setup likely.