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Featured Image as background in the Featured Post Widget

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  • Featured Image as background in the Featured Post Widget

    Hi guys!

    In the old days the Catalyst Excerpt widget had its own hooks so this was pretty easy to do, but it seems almost impossible now...

    I'm trying to figure out way to check the first post in the Featured Post widget for a featured image.
    If it has one, I'd like to set it as the widget background.

    Can you guys think of anything?
    I'm using 3 instances of the widget on the homepage, each containing one post that originates from a specific category.
    I've even just looked around for widgets that are capable and found a few but they don't have the filters offered in the Featured Post widget, so that's no good.

    I was a CatalystTheme guy and this is one of my first Genesis/Dynamik sites so it's entirely possible I'm just missing something.

    Thanx for any ideas you might have.

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    Not sure if you mean something like this, but maybe these gists might help you to get started, so you could edit to meet your needs:
    (There´s a link, it´s a membership site, but you can see the result).


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      Thank you, SIGa.
      I'm looking into this. Unfortunately I'm more a designer than a programmer so this walks a very uncomfortable line for me.
      It does look promising though. :-)