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Migrating back to WordPress Default Homepage - but no content

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  • Migrating back to WordPress Default Homepage - but no content

    I'm migrating a site from the EZ Static Homepage back to the WordPress Default Homepage and I'm not seeing my content area. Sadly I've done this before and stumbled around and figured it out - but this time my old age is winning.

    I've changed the Homepage type in DynamikDesign back to WordPress Default.

    All of the EZ widgets are disabled.
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    "WordPress Default" is a blog page listing your articles. If you want anything else, create (for example) a page named "Home" and a page named "Blog" and go to WordPress settings - Reading and set those as your frontpage and your blog. Your "Home" page will have a content area then.


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      Sorry, this is only community forum here. For somebody to check your backend, please contact support staff via ticket. From those pics, I could not tell what is going wrong...


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        I could not tell about any other parts of your site than those two... If you say content area is missing on that page you defined as frontpage, something is definately wrong.


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          Operator error. Found a function left in from a previous developer. You can kill this post.


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            Glad to hear you found it. We do usually not kill any innocent threads or comments as our errors might help others doing/searching the same. Everybody knows those days.