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Freshly skin, sticky header no longer shrinking

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  • Freshly skin, sticky header no longer shrinking

    Hi, I just updated Dynamik to 2.1.0 on a site of mine and the Freshly Skin sticky header is no longer functioning as intended - everything (logo etc.) remains full sized on scroll and the related JS no longer seems to be loading correctly - class names are not being changed on scroll. It's not the end of the world as doesn't hugely impact the functionality of the site but it would be nice to get it running again.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Is it a clash with the new Dynamik sticky header feature? (I haven't activated that.)
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    I didn´t get around to update on my Freshly installation yet but I can well imagine it´s related to that. What if you copy and take the Freshly JS code out and activate the sticky header, just to find out?