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  • Skin style.css file

    I use Dynamik Custom CSS to write all of my custom CSS rules. Recently, I was updating my custom font CSS code and Chrome on Mac insisted that the old rules were being read by the browser and wouldn't update the font display. Investigation revealed that it was calling the style.css file from my custom skin rather than the dynamik-custom.css file that I wanted it to reference.

    How do I update the skin's style.css in the UI to pull in the styles I am writing in Dynamik Custom CSS? Or, do I have to post the updates to the skin's style.css file via FTP login, upload to the server? I can certainly force the issue by doing this. But I am guessing that the Dynamik authors had a different workflow in mind.

    I guess I don't understand how the skin element works. Documentation is not very helpful or thorough on this element. I understand child themes, but I don't understand skins. Why didn't the skin's style.css have all of the CSS rules I wrote using the Custom CSS UI in there? Why didn't it have the updates I posted today?

    Unfortunately, I deleted it since it was preventing my page from rendering new style rules and I broke the whole build and need to restore a backup.

    Any help understanding the proper workflow for this element would be appreciated.

    Also, why can't I have email alerts sent to me if someone replies to a post?

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    This doc helps some:

    I have been playing around with skins to try to understand them better. I updated the stylesheet in Dynamik Custom with new @font-face rules and other style rule updates. I also updated all of the font rules in the Design UI. Then, I created a new skin after saving my updates. I went to the skins folder on the server: /public_html/wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/skins and checked the style.css file. It is STILL writing the old @font-face rules and old font-family naming strings even though I changed them.


    How do I get the style.css file in a particular skin to update? I tried using the "Snapshot" function. But it doesn't update the style.css file - or anything else under the skin folder for that matter. What am I missing? Where is it pulling these style rules from? I haven't written any rules in the Dynamik theme style.css, so it's not there.

    The problem is that this style.css file rules are superceding the font rules I am writing to the Dynamik Custom stylesheet and so I can't get my new font rules to work.

    I really need to understand this so I can control how my pages are rendering fonts. Any help appreciate. Thanks!
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      Okay, so if I understand this article correctly:, you have to translate whatever style rules you want to be a part of your skin from the Dynamik Custom CSS UI to the style.css file in your skin manually (copy/paste)? It saves the Design settings and picks those up when you save a snapshot. But it doesn't save the rules/code written to the Custom area? Is this the deal?


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        Yep, the snapshot is not related to Dynamik Custom tabs.

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      Main difference is:

      - What you put into Dynamik Custom - CSS, will be true for all the skins you created on an installation. No matter which one you activate, the CSS in this tab will be true for it.
      - The CSS in Dynamik Design - Skins - your skin - CSS button will be true for only that one skin (as well as what´s in PHP and JS button), as well as the related settings in Dynamik Design.

      The whole point of those skins is that you can create entirely swapable layouts and styles if you keep related code in those skin tabs. While you can keep custom CSS which should be true for all the skins in Dynamik Custom (styling for form plugins, just an example, or your own list stying).