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Problem with Front End CSS Builder

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  • Problem with Front End CSS Builder

    Recently the Front End CSS builder pop out has not been working properly. The pop out comes out but when I click the paint brush to get to the input portion, the elements selector is not showing. Have tries all the usual fixes, ie deactivating plugins, but this is very recent. Anyone else having this problem? I sent an email to via my account and have heard nothing. This problem is really slowing down my development. Thanks.

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    We received your Support Request Nov 28 11:17pm and I responded Nov 28 12:24pm. Have you checked your spam folder?

    This was my reply.

    I just checked this on my test site and didn't see any issues.

    Usually that sort of issue is an indication of a javascript conflict. When a new problem occurs, it can be helpful to review what recent changes may have been made such as software upgrades or adding a plugin or custom code. That can help point to the cause.

    I know you said you tried deactivating plugins. I would recommend deactivating all at once to test, if you have not done so. If that resolves the issue, then you can reactivate them until you find the one responsible. It is possible for plugins to conflict with each other.

    Also, make sure you have no caching in effect on the site. In addition to plugins, a hosting company may have caching active. You should delete any caches, then deactivate caching and then test for plugin conflicts.

    Beyond that, you may want to temporarily remove any custom code to test.

    If you need us to take a closer look, we can do so if you provide WP Admin login info.

    If you do send us login info, make sure to do it in support and not here in the public community forum.


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      I apologize for all this. I have a yahoo account email and thought I had set up forwarding from my gmail account. But I guess not. Anyway, I did as you suggested and deactivated all my plugins. No change. An interesting tidbit. I have switched to GeneratePress as my theme and have added the GP Extender and GP Premium plugins. There is still no change. So I am now starting to check with my host (DreamHost) and see about cache on their side.
      Thanks and again I apologize. I have always had such good response from y'all, I should have known there was a glitch on my side.
      Have a blessed day.