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  • Fun with Beaver Builder

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    I´m sure this will be useful for many members - thanks for sharing, Larry!

    Do you use the the Pro or Agency version of Beaver Builder, may I ask? Is it comparable to VC? I didn´t use it so far but I´d love to hear an opinion...


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      Just the free version , since I am only interested in the row builder part of it and not the content modules. I hate VC, but I don't mind this.
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      • SiGa
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        Ah thanks - I´ll have to have a look then.

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      Thanks for sharing!

      Only a few minutes with the lite version and I am already liking it very much!


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        Outstanding, thank you!


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          Wow, I can't believe your timing on this Larry! I was just sitting down to create the code to use the full width capabilities row of Beaver Builder in Dynamik. Thank you very much for sharing and saving me all that time.

          Dynamik and Beaver Builder is a really nice combination.

          @SiGa - Beaver Builder (BB) is head and shoulders above VC. Here are some key differences:

          1. The BB page builder is a true WYSIWYG builder. VC doesn't give an absolute true rendering of what your page looks like. BB does. VC is also a bit clumsy and slow. BB is fast and smooth.
          2. BB gives you full control over each row, including background, margins and padding. VC isn't anywhere as near as good in this department.
          3. The BB columns are completely flexible - you can input actual percentages i.e. a left column at 80% and a right at 20% or 3 columns at 30% and 1 column at 10%
          4. BB uses a DIV structure with CSS classes so won't steal your content. For example if you turn the BB plugin off, all your images and text will still display, but they just won't look all pretty and organized. VC embeds all your content in shortcodes which is very difficult to separate after the fact.
          5. The BB support team are amazing. They are very active in the forum and typically respond quickly and intelligently. They seem to be a humble bunch who are just trying their best to supply an awesome product. To be fair- I never tried using VC support but the owner does seem to be quite active on the CodeCanyon support page.
          The BB learning curve is very shallow. You can be adding elements to a page in no time. VC is not exactly hard, but if you have a customer who wants to edit content on a page, they will get the hang of BB a lot quicker than VC.
          6. The BB cost includes unlimited sites where as VC needs to be purchased for each site it is used on. This is huge when you are a developer.
          7. BB includes 10 decent Homepage layouts and multiple internal page layouts like About and FAQs etc. The VC layouts don't come anywhere close to the quantity and quality of the layouts supplied with BB, in my opinion.
          8. BB allows you to save and export any page layout you create. This will be a huge time saver for web designers like me. Need an About page? I've got 10 styles for you to choose from.

          To use BB with Dynamik you can use the free "lite" version if all you need is quick row control like Larry above. This is good if you already know html and css, but just need a quick way to add full width rows, multiple columns, text and images. If you want to use all the modules available in BB, then the basic $99 version will work out perfectly for you. The only caveat is that the basic version is not Multi-Site friendly, so you would have to go with Pro version for that. I opted for the pro version.

          The Pro version of BB also includes their "Versatility" Theme which is really redundant if you already have Dynamik. The Pro version also gives you the ability to create Custom Modules, but I haven't had the chance to do that yet.

          The Agency version of BB, basically allows you to White Label or brand Beaver Builder as your own.

          I have to say that I think I have finally found my perfect web design combination - Dynamik and Beaver Builder (Pro Version)

          Thanks again Larry for the code above. You and SiGa share so much of your knowledge on this forum. I have learned so much from both of you and really appreciate all your help.




          • SiGa
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            Thanks for the in-depth insight, colcar!

          • daveporter
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            Thanks Colin, I have only got as far as reading the info on the BB website, but very keen to check it out when I return from Holidays. Thanks for all the info & your enthusiasm . Dave

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          Originally posted by colcar View Post
          I have to say that I think I have finally found my perfect web design combination - Dynamik and Beaver Builder (Pro Version)
          After a day with just the lite version, I will have to emphatically second that! ... and to add 'This Forum', especially Junior Atoms and SiGa!


          • SiGa
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            I´ll hand all the praises over to Larry in this case because I didn´t do anything but asking here... LOL But thanks for the kind words anyway, guys!

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          I am new to Genesis and Im looking for a solution to use Genesis with Beaver Builder and really want the have the rows full width. Is Dynamik the answer Ive been looking for? If so which product would I have to buy to achieve full width with BB?

          Many thanks


          • SiGa
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            I just quickly googled "genesis beaver builder" and found a lot of threads. Add "full width rows" and you´ll find more specific ones + code for Genesis childthemes (I guess it´s not about "pure" Genesis, is it?). Dynamik isn´t really necessary to make that work it seems.
            You might want to have an eye on this:
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          Ive taken the plunge and bought Dynamik as I think it looks really good... Ive added the above code and off we go, Im really please so far! Thank you!


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            Has anyone got this working with the premium version of Beaver Builder? I just bought it today to try out some of the elements and as soon as I add the page template the site crashes.
            Worked great with the free version.

            Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/domain... wp-content/plugins/bb-plugin/classes/FLBuilder.php on line 234

            Line 234 reads...
            foreach($wp_query->posts as $post) {


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              @Cletus -

              Junior's code above works well with the Pro version of Beaver Builder. Perhaps it is a plugin conflict or server setting?

              I've put together another quick screencast showing how to use BB Pro with Junior's code in DWB to whip up a scrolling parallax one page site



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                You were right about the server, thanks very much.
                just switched hosts and one of the sites I moved over has crashed too. What a nightmare.

                Can anyone offer any advice on what to do or what to say to the hosting company?


                • Sniffle Valve
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                  Not sure what one would say, but I have not had to 'say' anything to the fantastic folks at Site5, where the majority of my sites are now hosted. I hooked up with them because of their support for another script that I am deeply involved with, eFront. I also have shared Linux accounts with HostGator and GoDaddy, but am moving them over to Site5 as these other accounts come up for renewal.

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                Hi Cletus,

                I moved everything to SiteGround earlier this year. They have been, by far, the best host I've ever used. Best of all, they will move your existing site for you free of charge. And they typically do it within an hour of signing up. I signed up for the GoGeek as it offers so many useful tools like daily backups, GIThub Integration, Website Staging, WP Multisite and much more.


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                  Siteground is good, but I hated the sign-up process. They put me through an interview and wanted to know what I was up to,


                  • Cletus
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                    Sounds awful. I lost interest in Siteground while reading how the credits work in their reseller hosting. Now I know they interview customers too they can do one.

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                  My new host "A2 Hosting" are blaming the Beaver Builder plugin. I told them all was ok on my previous hosting account, which it is...

                  "It appears your other previous account is using an older version of PHP. When I rename your php.ini file and change the php version to
                  5.2.17 the error is gone. There may be an update to the plugin that would allow it to work with a more current version of php. Please let us know if you have any questions."

                  Does that sound right? Can't believe this is happening after all the stress of moving last week.


                  • Sniffle Valve
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                    This thread is going a bit sideways

                    However, BB runs just fine on my three hosting accounts, GD, HG and Site5, running PHP 5.4.34, 5.4.34 and 5.3.28 respectively. It also runs fine on Uniform Server (local stack) running 5.4.35

                    I notice on A2's site that you can specify which version to run, so perhaps switch to 5.4.

                    Also, as I mentioned earlier, did you try deactivating all plugins except BB to test that aspect?