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  • More fun with Beaver Builder

    The combination of Dynamik Website Builder and Beaver Builder has to be the easiest way to get a great looking WordPress website up and running in no time at all ... and with the least amount of effort (my main criteria )

    To demonstrate, I put together a screencast showing exactly that. Enjoy

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    I'm completely with you on this one Lyle. That's a nice little intro video you put together there.

    I also think the combination of Dynamik and Beaver Builder is the quickest and easiest way to create completely custom WordPress sites from scratch.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your sites using Dynamik with Beaver Builder!


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      Very useful, thanks for the effort! Pleased to see we have a growing collection of video tutorials.


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        Here's part 1 of a video series I recorded today showing how I used DWB with Beaver Builder to recreate a top selling ThemeForest theme:



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          Brilliant video, DB

          Really shows how easy and powerful the combination of Dynamik and Beaver Builder can be! Looking forward to the next ones.


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            Love the screencast! Thanks for sharing.



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              Hey guys,

              Finally got around to uploading parts 2 & 3 to Youtube:

              How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 2 =

              How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 3 =


              P.S. thanks Eric


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                Great tutorial! I've watched all three of them. At the moment i'm using visual composer but in the feature I might give Beaver Builder a try.


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                  I believe Beaver Builder might have a sale coming up. If they do, all you need is the basic plugin if you plan on using it with DWB. You will find that it is much quicker, easier to use and most importantly - more accurate in the WYSIWYG department than Visual Composer.

                  I've just put my website (I'm actually still working on it right now) that will be dedicated to DWB and Beaver Builder tips, tricks & videos.

                  Have fun.



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                    Allright I will check it out if there's a sale upcomming. Don't like paying yearly fees :P. I'd rather buy an item once with lifetime updates but that menthod isn't used anymore nowadays.

                    Looking forward to your website!


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                      25% off on Beaver Builder


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                        Hermie beat me to it!

                        I just posted a quick overview of each package. If you don't know which version of Beaver Builder to buy, check it out.



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                          Any tips on making the text white in the second last section (the parallax scrolling section)?

                          I've tried a few things ie. setting the text colour in the text editor properties, and column and row properties, and I can't seem to get white to stick.

                          EDIT: I got around it finally...phew!

                          .fl-node-547807d873add, .fl-node-547807d873add * {
                              color: #ffffff !important;
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                            Hoe does Beaver Builder work with other plug-ins and such? Inserting short codes into a text box, or custom php calls. Stuff like that. Any issues? Also, one of my clients likes to work with a PageBuilder to replace the WP content area but he also wants to use custom sidebars. Can you assign Sidebars at the page level?


                            • daveporter
                              daveporter commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Hi Robert,
                              When you are designing a page with BB, you add rows and each row can be selected from this list:
                              1 through 6 columns; Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar & Left/Right Sidebar. (9 choices)
                              So I think you will find this is more flexible that VC
                              Once you have dragged over one of the sidebar variations you can go in and change the percentage widths of them.
                              There is also a sidebar in the Advanced Content list of contents to drag onto a row, but have not quite got my head around how that differs.
                              Cheers, Dave

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                            I have not come across any issues with any of the plugins that I use. Short codes work as expected in any text editor or WP text widget. The sparse custom PHP that I have used (mostly from this forum) works just fine. Basically, no issues whatsoever.

                            As for custom side bars per page, that to me would be a 'structure' matter as opposed to 'content'. That said, the commercial version offer a 'sidebar' module which allows for the selection and placement of any sidebar that is available to the system.

                            I will mention again that I have no vested interest in BB and that I do own Visual Composer. I prefer BB because it is 'visual'; that is, you see the changes as they are applied directly on the page. As I am a 'visual person' this matters to me In another post in this forum, we did some size comparisons to the generated output and the BB page is well within range of building the page the 'normal' way.

                            One other consideration is that your content will remain when you deactivate the plugin. Of course it will loose any formatting, but it is still there