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replace native blog/archive/tag/etc with "Essential grid"

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  • replace native blog/archive/tag/etc with "Essential grid"

    I managed to replace the native Wordpress templates with the essential grid plugin from Themepunch

    You can see it in action at my website (link below)

    If anybody wants to use this plugin instructions are here:

    The photoblog page of Dirk Beckers. During my free time I’m enjoying photography with the focus on wildlife.

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    I finally managed to fine-tune the code for Essential Grid and DWB (i'm not a developer)

    Essential Grid is now running native as blog/category and tag page on my website:

    remove_action( 'genesis_loop', 'genesis_do_loop' );
    add_action( 'genesis_loop', 'db_loop' );
    function db_loop() {

    if(is_tag()) $my_posts = get_posts(array( 'posts_per_page' => -1, 'tag' => get_query_var('tag')));
    else $my_posts = get_posts(array( 'posts_per_page' => -1, 'cat' => get_query_var('cat')));

    $my_post_ids = array();

    foreach($my_posts as $post) {
    array_push( $my_post_ids, $post -> ID );


    echo do_shortcode('[ess_grid alias="archive" posts="'.implode(',', $my_post_ids).'"]');




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      Oh wow!

      I do not remember seeing a better site recently! Amazing website!


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        I was just thinking, you gave me a nice idea, which I hope I will be able to implement on my site.

        So here is my crappy category page currently that I am trying to transform.

        Can you please share your steps in creating your neat categories?

        Is it :
        I would really like to know the process, before I spend money on the plugin. Appreciate your help.


        • videopixel
          videopixel commented
          Editing a comment
          Those are the steps indeed. But the tutorial is a guideline that works with any wordpress theme. I changed it to work nicer with DWB...

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        Originally posted by Pavle View Post
        Oh wow!

        I do not remember seeing a better site recently! Amazing website!
        Thanks Pavie! Nice to hear that ;-)


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          Thanks a lot for clarification videopixel.

          Well I have just bought the plugin, and I have no idea where to start. It will take some time to figure it out. I have pasted the code you gave into genesis extender custom php, but it messed up everything, so I guess this was not right place to put it

          If you do not mind helping, how to start with this? What should I do first?


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            So I started working on this.
            First think I did besides installing plugin ,adding api and purchase code is to create a category grid. Here is my setup.
            Unfortunately this is where I have no clue whats next. I have created grid and selected a category, but when I enter my category, nothing changes. Any ideas?

            I am thinking it should be called with shortcode? Is this good way to go? But first I should disable archive from native WP, right?

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              You should first familiriaze yourself with the plugin without thinking about the more advanced code of me... in that way you know how Ess. Grid works without how to create special templates etc.

              example: use a shortcode on a page, create a skin, play with the sort/filter/etc options...

              The direction that you need to go is to create a custom template for your blog or category or tag or whatever...
              I don't know how extender works because I use DWB.

              have fun!


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                Thanks. I have been playing with it whole day. But the reason I bought it is only because I want to organize my categories, nothing more. I really like what you did with your website, so I thought I can organize my categories in similar way.

                DWB and Extender are very very similar from what I heard, so I am sure same things applies for both.

                Can you. please somehow give me some more directions on this?

                You said I should first create a custom template, right? Something like this I suppose? After that I paste the code you provided or?

                EDIT : I do not know why but my previous post where I posted what I did so far is waiting for approval by forum admin. So I will write what I did again.

                Here is what I did so far.
                1. I have created a grid for my category. It now has a shortcode.
                2. I have tried to find where to place the code. I tried in category.php but I did not find a code to replace which was shown in this tutorial.
                3. I guess I need to figure out where to post the code.
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                  You should create a new blank template called "category" (in DWB this is under Dynamic Custom/Templates) this is going to replace your Wordpress category template. In this empty template paste my full code...

                  But change "archive" in this line to your essential grid name: --> echo do_shortcode('[ess_grid alias="archive" posts="'.implode(',', $my_post_ids).'"]');

                  If you go now to your front-end category archive you should see the grid...


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                    WOW! It works PERFECTLY! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I already love it, and I yet have to design it better, fabulous! Thanks!

                    Obviously I have to figure out where to put it I guess, which hook perhaps. Because it strangely overlaps or maybe its just my code.
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                      Okay, I fix it. It was because I had both custom widget areas or in my case subcategories widget areas in the same before loop as the grids.
                      So by using Visual Hook Guide, I have changed the hook of custom widget areas to genesis_before_content instead of genesis_before_loop.

                      Thanks once again for everything!