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Please Add a Dynamik Thread and an Extender Thread to the forums

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  • Please Add a Dynamik Thread and an Extender Thread to the forums

    Hi, I'm coming from the old forums, where everything was broken down. I was wondering if you could simply add those two threads so everything is not just mixed in the general discussion thread?

    I am a paying member, and I know in the old forums if you bought something you got access to other categories, I don't think that is the same here as in the post about extending catalyst support you mention that this is more of a community based forum and anyone can register.

    So if they do exist, how can I get access to them, and if they don't exist can we create them? It doesn't have to be hidden, that doesn't matter to me. I would like to make it a little easier to browse the threads I'm most interested in though, and have a tiny bit more structure.

    Maybe Something like:

    General / Web Design Talk / Showcase / Promote / Feedback / Dynamik Disucssion / Extender Discussion

    I used to search and still do search the old forums on a regular basis and find the structure easier to navigate.


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    When I am reading through forum, I am asking myself often, what is this guy using....... dwb or extender? With separate categories this would be pre sorted and the reader know, where a problem is set.


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      I made this request a long time ago... no luck.