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Suggestion for Support Article - EZ Home Page Styling

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  • Suggestion for Support Article - EZ Home Page Styling

    Hi Everyone,

    One area that I always had issues with in Catalyst/Dynamk and is continuing into Genesis is the styling of the EZ Home Page Widgets.

    Out of the box, it all looks fine, but as soon as I try to add boxes around them, add shadows etc... I see them go all out of whack with padding, margins etc...

    So would love to see an article that shows how to deal with this properly!

    Cheers, Dave

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    Sincerely Dave as I have to and lots of others also have to - the answer must be learning how to use Css better or perhaps or combined with looking at the DWB Style Sheets to understand what is going on there
    Does my head in as I grind forward

    So also so would I



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      @D - of course that goes without saying - but as someone who is not spending 100% of his time developing websites, I need help to enable me to efficiently and quickly develop websites using the tools of DWB/GE/Skins to get me 80%-90% of the way to getting a professional looking site up and running - where I don't need to be a CSS guru.
      Recently I started a new site using the Majestic skin & at first it looked great, but as soon as I started changing the default EZ layout (can't remember - let's say I changed the default 1-3-1/ 3 fat footer to something else) - things got ugly & I didn't have the time/inclination/skills to fix it. So I switched to something else (The CopyBlogger-2 for example is an excellent starting skin!)
      Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that skin, but this scenario has happened to me a few times - so I'm, guessing other people might have similar experiences, so I thought it might make a good Tutorial or Video.
      If this thread dies a natural death, then I will be proved wrong

      Cheers, Dave