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Warning Dynamik 1.3 update ruined my font sizes !!!

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    Hi Jordanemery,

    thank you for your kind words, I am feeling honored . Yes such form is a good solution. I have integrated similiar in the german Bugs forum. We use SMF and the mod "Custom Forms". Although it has only textfields and textarea (and no dropdown) you are very free to ask for all needed informations. If the user has filled out the form and hits return, automatically a new thread is build. The first post is the content of this form and the user is redirected to this new thread. Now he can write a further post - if he wants to - and attach images etc. I know that PHPBB has a similiar option to provide users with an entry form. And I am pretty sure, that a forum like VB should have this too. And we are working with prefixes (mod "Prefix Admin Panel") and highlight these prefixed topics with different colors. Thereby we see in the forum overview at a glance the states of the threads (= issues). States are e.g.= Patched, Fixed, Tracker, Information needed, Confirmed and so on since the topics are marked with the appropriated Prefix (e.g. [CONFIRMED]) and the appropriated color.

    Yes I agree your idea with the hierarchical tasks sounds good. And at least: Even if only ten users participate in the beta tests - this is always better than zero. That's too our motivation to keep our work (bug forum) alive.
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