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  • DWB in 2015

    I am VERY appreciative of your 2015 roadmap blog post:

    I'd like to toss in my "two cents"...

    First, just because a feature already exists within a third-party plugin, that doesn't mean you should not consider incorporating such functionality into your own product. For no other reason, that better/tighter integration. One thing I would DEARLY love is the ability to use labels to control sidebars and other content areas. But it's not easy to do. I have managed it, but the system is "kludgy" and can't really be done better without better integration with DWB. Most of this functionality is in the "Genesis Simple Sidebars" plugin, but again, GSS is not aware of DWB and can't use DWB labels. I'd like to see Sidebar/Content Area management integrated into DWB itself with a similar interface as GSS allowing me to select them from within the Page/Post editor.

    It would be nice if the DWB interface/control panel was accessible and pluggable via filters. I'd like to add functionality to the DWB control panels directly.

    Many of us are using more than one template to handle desktop/mobile rather than just responsive design. Responsive design doesn't truly handle all the needs of mobile web. I would LOVE to see DWB add a new "Mobile" section which allows me to create "rules (label)" and select a skin which is used for the specified rule. So I could create a label called "Desktop/Responsive" and if the conditions match, I can use the specified skin. I could create a label called "Desktop/Tablet" and specify a different skin. And so forth...

    It would also mean that I would need the ability to edit a skin, even if it's NOT the active skin. And a method for previewing a page in a non-active skin would also be needed. I think this would be REVOLUTIONARY and set DWB apart from EVERYTHING else out there.

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    If there was a wish list this would be at the top of mine...

    It's been ages since Brad Potter updated his Microdata Manager Plugin to customize a few of the Genesis Default Schema Settings.

    I'd really like to be able to have more control over the Genesis Default Schema from within DWB.

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    Happy 2015 to all : )


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      I appreciate the suggestions and will keep them in mind moving forward.



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        I also think the responsive menu needs to be "mobile".


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          I user a number of plugins that also use the CodeMirror editor and in each of those I am able to set the style/skin (I use Cobalt). But I can't do that in DWB...

          I'd REALLY like to have filters or an options page that lets me set the roles for everything in DWB. Or some kind of NUCLEAR option that let me keep EVERYONE out of DWB except for my account.


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            Both Extender and Dynamik have helped me tremendously in getting a handle on the inner workings of the Genesis framework. But one thing I've found nigh impossible to understand in trying to move up to an intermediate level is custom post types, particularly how to display them. It seems to be an area within the Genesis community that none of the usual guru guides is prepared to elaborate on. It seems to me to be a bit of a 'Holy Grail' at the moment.

            So I'm wondering if this is something Eric could turn his mind to with guidance, either in the form of a video tutorial or by working some more of his magic within Extender/Dynamik.


            • Sogwap
              Sogwap commented
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              My experience is CPT display basically the same as any other Page or Post.
              What are you finding that is different?

            • Xpresso
              Xpresso commented
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              See to see what I'm talking about. If you can offer any guidance I would be eternally grateful.

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            Any chance we'll get the ability to set the theme for the code editors? Any hack to change it now?


            • eric
              eric commented
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              At this point, no, that's not an option and I'm not aware of any easy hacks to enable this feature.