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  • dnavarrojr
    started a topic Footer and Favicon

    Footer and Favicon

    Please bring the footer control and favicon back into Dynamik.

    I know that right now as can use a free Genesis plugin ( or code snippet (, but I'd rather do it the old way. Just add a text box for "Footer Text" under "Genesis->Dynamik Settings->General Settings".

    And I'd like to continue just uploading my favicon.png file using the Dynamik Image Uploader.

  • La Geek
    Hi there.
    Favicon: did you read the code snippet part on Genesis website?

    Below is the code to display a custom favicon on your site

    <?php  //* Do NOT include the opening php tag     //* Display a custom favicon  add_filter( 'genesis_pre_load_favicon', 'sp_favicon_filter' );  function sp_favicon_filter( $favicon_url ) {  return '';  }
    Those snippets can be inserted into DWB -> custom function

    Sometimes it works better to replace the image directly in the theme’s images folder. Please see this step by step.
    It can take a very long time for some browsers to clear the cached favicon. If you can load the favicon URL in a browser directly and see it changed, then the browser tab will eventually show the correct one.

    Or read the step by step article mentioned above:
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  • RSP73
    Hi there. I wanted to upload a favicon.ico file to my site. You can't do that with the image uploader that I'm aware of. Thought it might be useful to let you know where to put the file if you're using FTP to put favicon.ico onto the server: wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/theme/images

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  • tdpsgm
    Genesis code snippets???
    I am venting just a bit here, but this is just another reason why Catalyst/Dynamik was SO superior . . . Just my opinion - sigh.
    Hopefully Erik can somehow manipulate DWB to bring back that same smooth well integrated feel we had with Catalyst/Dynamik.
    Ok, I got that off my chest.
    I've played with the simple-edits plugin . . . that works pretty well.
    NOTE: when you are IN the plugin there is a link to the "Show Available Footer Shortcodes" that you can click that will expose the:

    For a more comprehensive shortcode usage guide, see this page.

    For those new to Genesis/DWB like myself this might help a bit . . .
    The see this page link there will take you to a page where you will find "Attributes" that can be applied to the short codes that are quite simple to use. In this case I found it similar to what we had with Catalyst/Dynamik - though not nearly as nicely integrated.

    I hope that helps.
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  • DjProg
    The favicon is working exactly like before with the file uploader (I tried 3 days ago) so I guess the favicon request is fullfilled.

    But regarding the footer I agree with you, one of the big question Eric should answer is "what Genesis plugin are we almost required to run"...

    Example I find myself running "Genesis Simple Edits" just for the footer text... but also "Genesis Simple Comments" (to change the Comment "texts") which could also be easily integrated within DWB (I struggle constantly with translation files being overwritten at each Catalyst update just to have the bloody "comment" text fields translated...)

    Basically I would say :
    • either Eric says clearly what Genesis plugins are a must have to have full functionality (editing the footer text IS a "must have") OR
    • Eric integrates such functions into DWB (regarding footer and comment texts I don't see any reason or difficulty to integrate them into DWB if he wants to)


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  • donna
    +1... ditto!

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  • NJ Riki
    +1 ...footer control in catalyst was way better

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  • brianlokker
    I second the request for the footer control. I liked that feature in Catalyst.

    If the ability to upload the favicon is added back into the Dynamic Image Uploader, I'd like to be able to upload Apple touch icons that way too. To me it makes sense to have them all in one place.

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