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  • Suggestion - Navigation

    I think that the most commonly used navigation pattern is Logo left - Nav right. I understand that using the widget 'Right Header' accomplishes this, but I think it could be better.

    1. Have nav bar option of right added to above, or below in Dynamik options. Like, right now. It makes no sense that above, and below are the only options. For example, since Dynamik's sub-menu does not do mega menu(if it does, a little help?), some may want to utilize a plugin like Ubermenu to give some really robust navigation options that carry over to mobile as well. When using that plugin it does not work and needs a lot of workaround as the sub-menu's get lost below the content.

    2. Have a sticky nav be an option as opposed to using a skin. Reason? Well, most 'Themes' have this as an option in CMS and honestly, it is really needed, that should be stock and not as a skin. It is too much of a common practice to not have as a default option, and it seems to take a lot of manual heavy lifting to get things rocking on mobile.

    3. The logo CSS background has got to be converted to be an inline image. The CSS background causes way less flexibility than any benefits. That way SVG can be used, and no need for uploading two assets, or having to do workarounds to do an inline image.

    4. A nice to have - on mobile, the 'menu' can change to 'close' and an X to signify that you can close the menu.

    Just a couple suggestions. I do love Dynamik and am willing to do the heavy lifting to make things work the way I want, I just that the above are such no brainers, but I may be wrong? Would love to know why!

    Have a great day!