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Suggestion: Custom name for custom thumbnail sizes

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  • Suggestion: Custom name for custom thumbnail sizes

    The ease of adding custom thumbnails is very helpful. It would be great to also rename the thumbnail from "custom-thumb-1" to "My thumbnail name" etc. Just one less thing to remember when selecting images.

    - Peter

    PS. Is this the best way to post suggestions? Is there a way to thumbs-up someone else's suggestion that I'm just not seeing?

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    I found this old thread, never tested and don´t know if it would work using the code:
    But yes, that would be convenient.

    PS: Yes. And there is only the Like button bottom right on every comment.


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      I've just added this to my short list of next DWB/EXT updates, but just note that I haven't yet looked into any possible implications regarding update conflicts or anything like that. I don't believe it will be too difficult but I won't know until I have a look at the code.