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Beaver Extender issue | activation error

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  • Beaver Extender issue | activation error

    I bought Beaver Extender as it looks like a lot of fun - I'm in the process of rebuilding a new site for a client and wanted to use this as a basis for the build out. However, for some reason when I try to activate I get this message 'Beaver Extender' requires the Beaver Builder Theme! Deactivating Plugin. Back to Plugins page.

    I have installed Genesis activated it | installed DWB and activated it | uploaded the full zip file and it installed with no errors but it won't activate - just that same error message?

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Please help.


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    Hi, Caroline! The Beaver Extender is indeed meant to be used with the Beaver Theme, not with Genesis, hence the name. On the page that you used to buy it, it says:
    Beaver Extender System Requirements:

    WordPress 3.6+, Beaver Builder Theme (Pro or Agency package), PHP 5.3+
    So, Genesis and DWB aren´t required to work with BB Extender, but Beaver Theme is. If you overlooked this and bought the wrong product, you might want to contact CobaltApps staff (see yellow box on top) to talk about this.


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      And, to be clear, the purpose of the "Extender" products – Genesis Extender, Beaver Extender etc. – is to make some of the DWB features available when NOT using DWB or possibly even Genesis. If you are using DWB you won't need an "Extender" product.

      Of course for other projects where you don't use DWB, Genesis Extender would be a great tool and likewise if you are using the Beaver Builder theme, you can use the Beaver Extender tool.