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  • Color picker?

    Hi, I am very satisfied customer of the Dynamik Theme on a fair number of web sites.

    But one thing I am missing: a simple way to chose my predefined colours.
    Is there a possibility to pick the color that I want to apply? At the moment have to type it in manually every time.

    Or will it be possible in a future update? Is it maybe a Genesis issue?!

    Keep on with the great work!

    Regards and hugs, Carsten

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    Carsten, which part of the Dynamik dashboard (or your workflow) are you talking about? Can you give a sample or screenshot maybe?


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      Hi Sylvia, actually it is in all the windows of the Design Options where you can chose a color.

      Might it be for the Background, Font Colors, Links, etc …
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        So are you saying that if you click on one of those color fields, the color-picker does not open? This is implemented for quite a while now in fact...
        What is your Dynamik version? Did you try a different browser?

        See the second video here, 1:35, for a sample of what´s expected to happen.
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          Thank you for your message … I knew the U-Control but I was not aware of the sync. That is a great help to change the colors universally … still I have to copy and paste or type the # code manually. Normally I use 4 colors in a theme … it get's a bit confusing with the sync option. If there would be a possibility to safe the chosen colors into a palette (not only the rainbow palette) it would be much easier and faster.

          But hey, the sync option is a great find already ;-) Thank you for the hint!

          Ah, I am using the version 2.1.0 of Dynamik … on MacOS 10.12.4 and Safari 10.1
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            Actually, I did not want to point you to the Sync feature (though that is a great feature everybody should know) but to the fact that there SHOULD be a color-picker (related to your question) and you shouldn´t have to type your color manually (as shown in the video).


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              Here you can see my color picker as it is and as I know it right from the beginning …

              To find a color I have to drag over the rainbow, which I don't find precise ;-)
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                Ah. So you DO get the color-picker but would expect something more extensive. I see.


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                  Oops, sorry if I could not get my message through :-(

                  Yes, I was thinking more of a row of predefined colors which I can choose by clicking on. Colors I defined myself and have at hand.

                  But maybe this is just wishful thinking …
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                    I have always found setting a specific set of colors a bit of a chore as well.

                    It would be nice to have a color picker "system" similar to the one the Elementor page builder has. Makes it so much easier to choose a specific pre-set color:


                    Once you setup the colors here, they are then available in any area where you can select a color:


                    The GeneratePress theme has a function where one can set up your own color values; works similar to the above except you set the colors in a function and then add it to your child theme's function.php or simply use the Code Snippets plugin to do so