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Woocommerce Variable Product "Add to cart" issue

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  • Woocommerce Variable Product "Add to cart" issue

    Those of you with Woocommerce sites and variable products. Is the "add to cart" button showing for you on the variable products?

    I'm seeing others (google search) having issues with this and there's mention of conflicts in themes. I have the "Genesis Connect for WooCommerce" plugin installed.

    I'm having the issue on this site, here's an example product

    Choosing an option should bring through the "add to cart" button but it's not. I'm not a hard core coder so not sure where/how to fix this conflict.
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    A bit more research shows the issue seems to be this:

    Contacting the hosting company I got the following "unfortunately as modsecurity have changed how they're using github, the link to the resolution for this no longer works"

    But implementing the second solution has worked for now.

    Not sure what the long term implications of that fix will be though.