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Suggest Additions to the Dynamik Website Builder Knowledge Base

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  • Suggest Additions to the Dynamik Website Builder Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base is your first stop for formal Cobalt Apps support. Just added 18 new videos by Eric to the Dynamik Website Builder Knowledge Base.

    What topics or questions do you want to see added to the Knowledge Base? List them here. If you are making a suggestion, please be sure to include both the question and the answer in your request.

    If you are making a request, just let us know what topic you want to see added to the Knowledge Base.

    Thanks for your participation in making the Knowledge Base the best it can be!

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    Thanks Jason,
    I would like a category of "How to's" and "Code Snippets".

    e.g, I am currently trying to work out how to center the Nav bar. I could do this in Catalyst ok with a code snippet but am having trouble in DWB.

    I would guess that a How to category would be very popular particularly with people like myself who are not expert with js, php etc but can find their way around with a little help.

    I am sure most users would have some trouble at times and it would be good to capture there solutions and record them somewhere.


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      How about a link to the Vimeo video's - they have been given a lot of love in the last few days, but I don't think too many people know they are there !
      Cheers, Dave


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        Sounds good, where are they?


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          Will see about adding the link to the video account but all the videos are added to the articles in the Knowledge Base so that as you search for certain subjects, you will find the videos for them as well.


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            Sounds good and perhaps a link to the Knowledgebase as well?


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              There is a link to the Knowledge base in the initial post and there are Knowledge Base links on your My Account page as well.


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                Could we have an article on how to how to make the navbars portable for Genesis please? (Based on the original Catalyst forum post). This is a really useful feature.


                Hey guys, NOTE: The first few paragraphs are just explaining what this is about and how it works, but this may confuse some non-coders and it's not really necessary to understand anyway. So don't let that keep you from trying this out. Instead you can just skip down to where I say "So here's what you do..." and go from there. I was just answering a question by sharonq in this thread: when I realized something


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                  Can you put dates next to each article. As new content is added it's easier to keep up with the changes.


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                    Can a updated tutorial on Firebug be added to the article list


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                      Dave Porter started this resource post.

                      Can a resource tab be put as a sticky or added to the knowledge base. Sometimes if we are looking for other genesis tutorials this can be another tab to refer to.


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                        I second a link to the videos or post them separately in the KB, you shouldn't have to open each topic to see if the video you are looking for is there. I found this video on the forums, I cant find it in the KB


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                          How about a start to finish demo of creating a small and reasonably simple website just to see how it's done and using the WordPress default homepage option for this? (I am not to fond of all the widget areas on the homepage when using the static page option)

                          This way one could follow the steps and get to grips with it all. Now, for me, it's all a bit overwhelming. There are so many options.


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                            This is actually something I have been tossing around for a while to create for a group of designers and developers that I work with. I've finally convinced many of them to give Eric's products a try to possibly use for their clients. So far they like it but have tons of questions but unfortunately, they don't easy access to any type of documentation. Instead, they send me numerous emails asking questions ranging from very basic stuff to quite advanced. That being said, I think it would be a spectacular idea to create a serious of instructional videos in a logical order to explain the ins-and-outs of the product from beginning(installation) to end(site completion). When I complete it, I'll let you know.


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                              You got my vote. Something like that would be very usefull. Just to get the hang of things. I am not able to do it as I am a totall newbie, but I do encourage you (or others) to create it for us newbs:-). So you don't think I am a totall cheapskate, I'll buy you a cup of tea for your troubles ;-).