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    Its already in the works... The interface will be a step by step process. There will also be a another section which covers all areas individually in greater detail for a more in depth understand of individual tools. And of course, there will be lots more. No cost of course.


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      Added links to the top of the Dynamik KB for the community forum and this:

      As you have new stuff to be added to the additional resources, post them here or email them to me at


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        For the benefit of the many people who will be moving from Catalyst to DWB over the coming months and years, I suggest including a clearly laid out comparison table showing where all functions in Catalyst/Dynamik can be found in DWB, and listing any differences. Where different techniques/workarounds are required in DWB to achieve a function that is no longer present (e.g. footer content, custom layouts), include an overview and links to detailed tutorials. Including a toggle to show only changed functions/options would also be useful.


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          Catalyst EZ Columns as an example and now what DWB offers is not the same and yet intrinsically it is if you look at the Css within DWB
          The Genesis Columns plug in certainly is not the same as what was in Catalyst
          What you have explained so far in your KB does not fully explain those differences and it should

          I am not having a crack at you at all mate and believe what you are doing is excellent and you know we have discussed this. People need full explanations as the Catalyst Ez Columns still in the main part existing in DWB are better than the Genesis Columns Plug In

          In other words with Catalyst you could have one fifth and four fifths etc and that it seems is still in the DWB CSS but the silly Genesis Columns Plug In does not offer that

          Do you agree?


          • jasonhobbsllc
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            Yep, since I wrote that KB item, Genesis 2.0 came out and it removed 5 column option, so the Genesis Columns plugin reflected that change.

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          If the idea is to centralize everything under one Knowledge Base (and I think it should be), then there are a number of useful posts/links in the forums with additional bits of information that should be incorporated IMO. While of course there's redundancy below, I'm sure there are some very useful shares within these posts that are not yet included. Some examples of good/pertinent posts from my bookmarks include...


          (note: I think this link may have been listed earlier in this thread...?)





          I'm sure there are more. Centralizing and organizing all this stuff and then moving forward such that future items are submitted directly to the knowledge base and not spread out in various posts will be most helpful in the long run. Now is the time to take control of it, while the forum is young... wait too long and it will become too unwieldy a task...just my .02.
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            Probably for stuff like this posted above it is a good idea to build an own category in forum for it: "helpful stuff, tutorials and resources" or so. Just my 2cents.

            What I would like to read about is a detailed instruction and detailed informations about the Custom PHP Builder. If I click on the Drowdown Menu "actions" I am totally lost. What are these actions for? A Listing for every single action would be very appreciated. The same question for dropdown "filters". Next: What is the difference between filters and add/remove/replace actions? When I use filter, when actions? What are special actions/filters for Genesis/DWB, what is referencing to WP Codex?

            I am sure, the Custom PHP Builder is a wonder machine. But I don't know how to use the elements in it. Probably there exist tutorials and docs for it, in this case, links would be highly appreciated.


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              Hey La Geek -

              I do understand what you're saying - and I suppose I *might* agree with you given the circumstances here, but... only if at the very least a proper TAGGING REQUIREMENT is in place.

              IMO, the value of a proper knowledge base is at least three-fold: 1) The items are appropriately grouped (which seldom happens in a forum - ala the tag requirement, 2) the items are individual and to the point (i.e. singular, final solutions) - not part of a bulk list, or spread down multiple posts in a thread with 3-4 versions that you have to piece together, and 3) since they are presumably delivered to the KB by the "authors", that means they at least get the once over - which puts a little verification behind the answer or solution provided. There are more but you get the idea.

              We maintain a knowledge base here at our office, both for internal and client use - and it's not even a comparison to the old forum we ran (tags and all), SO much more useful, maintainable, searchable. That's why I can understand the support change that was made here... As questions are submitted, an internal KB (or, "answer base") is most certainly being used, and saving these guys a lot of time as a result vs. trying to work off of a forum. We've been there and won't ever go back.

              But ok, I do also get it that there is likely a shortage of time for someone w/cobalt to do this the best way - so while even with a proper tagging requirement a separate section is still no comparison - at least it would be better than it stands now - and at the same time, might make it easier for them to implement a proper KB plan somewhere down the road.

              So there's another 2 cents from me added to the bottomless pit! Haha Cheers.


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                You are absolutely correct! I think that all website design owners need to incorporate a knowledge base & documentation for their clients. Learning how to do this the right way can dramatically improve the success of your company, create many new referrals, and increase customer retention. This can proven highly beneficial for product sales, web design business, and ecommerce, as well as marketing in your business. Doing it poorly though will give produce reduce referral count, lower customer retention, and most likely decrease overall sales and profits for your business. That is why I think its important for any business owner to learn and do correctly.

                A well thought out and commonly used structured knowledge base can have huge benefits in terms of clients and customers if created and executed properly. One of the main benefits that I have had in the past in creating and managing documentation is seeing the number of "help requests" drop more and more to the point that you almost never see a support ticket being dropped and sales increase. That is a sign of usable and well designed and maintained documentation or knowledge base. In my opinion, that is always the best feeling knowing that you are creating something that is working for customers as well as the business. This is the first sign that you are doing something right.

                If you don't see a decrease in the amount of support tickets being made or sales are dropping, then your knowledge base isn't working and should be reworked. If you are putting lots of time and energy into the knowledge base or documentation and the support tickets are still not decreasing, this is a sign of faulty navigation and structure overall. At work, we have some of the best documentation in the world which is very complex and thorough. That is generally because it is very in depth and has many levels of difficulty that is split up into different sections which require the use of multiple manuals. Fortunately, when running and web design business or ecommerce websites, this extent of documentation is far from needed.

                For just about any web based business, creating the structure and setup is super simple and very effective if you follow proven methods. Of course, there are thousands of ideas and ways to setup user documentation and knowledge bases but there are only a handful of proven methods that are "very" effective for online users and often referred to as the "go to spot" for your niche or product. One thing to keep in mind "the user is going to the documentation for help because something is already difficult, so don't make using the documentation itself difficult too". And don't ever consider "more sales are causing the increase in support requests". That is typically someone trying to justify their creation. Instead, stick with the facts.

                Support via forum is always a recipe for disaster unless you have a team constantly running through the forums answering questions. I highly recommend using an email support system if you are a limited size business that don't have time to answer questions all the time via forums, especially freelance web designers. In order to make that process successful though, you need to be good with user data entries and be able to understand patterns in the type of requests such as what caused the requests, what steps the user took to find answers before considering a support request, and the process taking place to need help in order to improve your documentation. Of course, there is much more behind tracking and understanding what should go into updating your knowledge base or documentation and making it successful. Many people fail using this system because they simply keep track of user questions and then apply "what is asked the most" in their documentation or knowledge base. This is an outdated method that generally yields little results.

                mw360, Cheers buddy! You gave me a new to-do project. I think I am going to write an entry and blog post about creating documentation that works effectively as well as the do's and don'ts of documentation creation. I think that many here could really find this helpful. Especially the many here that own their own design, marketing, etc. businesses online.


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                  I guess you are referencing to this part of my post?
                  Probably for stuff like this posted above it is a good idea to build an own category in forum for it: "helpful stuff, tutorials and resources" or so. Just my 2cents.
                  This was a suggestion and should be understood as ADDITIONAL option, where do you read something against the placement in knowledgebase? Atm the hints and ressources links are strayed through the forum. Would be nice to have this at one place to read through it and through its discussions imho.

                  please don't read over my second suggestion with the PHP Custom Builder
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                    Originally posted by La Geek View Post
                    This was a suggestion and should be understood as ADDITIONAL option, where do you read something against the placement in knowledgebase? Atm the hints and ressources links are strayed through the forum. Would be nice to have this at one place to read through it and through its discussions imho.
                    Agreed, I read too much into your response - sorry for that! Seems we are both on the same track, and I appreciate the correction.

                    ...And also, I will +1 on your Custom PHP Builder comments - it's a cool tool, but does require a certain level of knowledge. The basis behind it involves documented actions at - but the actual functions being applied of course relate directly to Genesis. I was going to pop a few links into my previous response, and instead got stuck on my soapbox (!) - but in looking at them I realize they aren't really as helpful to those not versed in code. For example, going directly to OR adding the function name to (i.e. for remove_action: ) has links to each of the starting elements - but the information provided isn't exactly newbie-friendly. And the related documentation at (Genesis Documentation) is a bit scattered and limited IMO. The resource we use for Genesis detail is at and there you can use the search box on the upper left to find details on any element - but in order to know what to search for relative to the PHP Builder, you need to select an action, and then an element from the second dropdown, and click 'Build Actions' - which will show you the actual function to look up, i.e. Post Content will show 'genesis_do_post_content', which is what you would search. (As an aside, if you simply start typing post_con... in the garyjones searchbox you will see all of the related functions, so a little fuzzy searching means you can certainly find things without necessarily having to Build Action everything - but you get the point). Maybe there's a resource that helps tie this all together? Don't know. Beyond that aspect, more working examples could also be helpful for newbies - how about an indexed 2 hour video that goes through each one by one?? Ok, I'm kidding there... or am I?


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                      Hi mw360,

                      thank you very much indeed for this helpful link, incl. you explanations. This takes me a step forward, although the handling and research are tedious and cumbersome. But it's absolutely better, as having no sources at all. Particularly your link is an excellent source.

                      Also I give +1 for your suggestions at the end of your post.


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                        Concerning PHP Custom Builder, actions, filters and so on, there is a good tutorial series on

                        Maybe this should be listed in knowledge base, or under FAQ/Additional Ressources.


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                        I would love a tutorial on page templates, and maybe a couple of examples that we could use and alter to our needs (like a portfolio-style template, with instructions in how to use custom post types with it).


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                        Any heads up on a start to finish demo of creating a small and reasonably simple website just to see how it's done and using the WordPress default homepage option for this? (I am not to fond of all the widget areas on the homepage when using the static page option) so one could follow the steps and get to grips with it Genesis/DWB?


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                          Martin, I would be happy to create this if you think it would be helpful. I have already started some videos here: I have a slew of ideas and content to make the "genesis extender and dynamik for genesis" super easy to learn and understand.

                          I also have a "welcome to dynamik for genesis" which takes a new user from start to understanding the basic concepts on a new site. Let me know if you find the above videos helpful at all or at least the ideal product.

                          Keep in mind, its all free of course with no need to sign up to learn something.