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    There seems to be a lot of questions in the fora about image logos: how to add them, how to style and position them, and how to make them responsive. Most if not all of the skins and child themes skirt this issue somewhat with text logos. A focused tutorial would help.


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      This documentation page needs to be changed:

      It says:
      Note that all "Dynamik for Genesis" members have access to the Nivo Premium Slider Plugin which offers more features and greater flexibility than WP-Cycle. Find out more here: Nivo Slider Plugin

      The "here" link doesn't exist.

      Maybe include a link to the Meta Slider plugin instead, since that seems to be what people here are suggesting as a replacement.


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        Suggestions for the next video tutorial: would it be possible to talk about child themes, file structure (on the root server perspective), which files should never be modified, what would cause a site to break, use of plugins vs hardcoding, etc ? I am new to this, I heard it is very common for a site to break whenever there is a new wordpress update. Would like to understand more and how to reduce the chance that it may happen to my site, and what i can do to minimize the headache that I will have to face when that happens to my site one day.

        I hope you will consider doing a video tutorial for this topic.



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          I would like to see the ability to choose which media query you want the toggle(hamburger) menu to go into effect. See this post: