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How Much Code Can I Add to Extender? Like How Long?

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  • How Much Code Can I Add to Extender? Like How Long?

    I ended up adding 40 styles of CSS to my Genesis Extender plugin. Yikes. Is this too much? Do you all think I need to remove the Extender plugin (in this one case) and create a child theme?

    Thank you! On a deadline and deliver this site very soon. All feedback appreciated! (Cobalt staff, would love your feedback on this one).

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    You mean 40 lines of CSS? In any case - nope, that´s not too much if it´s necessary and well written. Nothing all too bad that could happen here I guess. Theoretically, there´s no limit (practically you should always watch your loading time, but usually CSS is not the worst there).

    (If you need feedback from staff, it´s better to write a ticket. Usually they don´t give feedback here - see yellow box on top).


    • Sogwap
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      Where is this "Yellow Box" you keep referring to?

      The only place I see support is if I go to:
      Then click on "My Account" and login (which ask me for my username and password.)

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      Yeah, I think it has been gone for a while - I just see Facebook and twitter mentioned now!
      Cheers, Dave

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      Eric explained to me that he set it to display for a certain number of visits in the forum, then it will vanish (he set the number of visits a bit higher a while ago as I asked him to - many people will recognize it only after a while anyway). As we are all three rather long-term members in this forum, I guess we all don´t see it anymore.For me it´s gone for quite a while now. So I hope it is still displaying for newer members and keep referring to it (as none of them said "there is no yellow box" lately). Otherwise consider me seeing odd things. LOL
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    It's 40 different CSS styles. I guess I should ask the staff but appreciate feedback from others too.