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Custom conditional for EZ-static-homepage?

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  • Custom conditional for EZ-static-homepage?

    I managed to create a widget area that will only display on on the front-page, using is_front_page().

    Is there also a possibility to to do this for an EZ-static-homepage? (Or any custom template for example?) Because this conditional doesn´t seem to recognize an EZ homepage, does it maybe have an own conditional (couldn´t find an info regarding this, sorry)?

    Or how would I address pages like these - is there another possibility maybe?

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    Hi Siga,

    Hook the custom widget into one of the three available Dynamik EZ hooks? Since you can only have one EZ homepage, these hooks would function as conditionals.

    Best, Herman


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      I couldn´t have changed the hook location for this one, but now, while playing around, it seems the is_front_page() is recognized for EZ, too, though I couldn´t really tell what I did different before - typical case of "how the hell did I do that??" LOL

      User error most likely - but many thanks for taking the time to help, hermie!


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        Mmmhhh, tried to hook a custom widget into EZ homepage using is_front_page(), but couldn't make it work. Will retry.


        • SiGa
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          Now this is getting mysterious... If I get back to it tomorrow and it stopped working again, I wouldn´t be all too surprised after all the back and forth I had today. If there´s a trick, I couldn´t tell!