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Blog page layout - unable to configure

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  • Blog page layout - unable to configure

    Hi all,

    I am new to using DWB & Genesis, but have been using WP for years. No coder, but can find what I need

    My question: I'm doing a site re-design and have found that I can't change the Blog page layout, except by changing the default layout in theme settings. I can deal with that, but balso just found that I can't use the Simple Sidebars plugin on the Blog page either. I'm able to use Simple Sidebars on other pages, so it seems there is something about the designated Blog page that I need to know about.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Here you'll find everything explained in detail:

    You really can change or place everything everywhere on a website with Genesis and Dynamik Website Builder in no time. The only limitation really is the brain. But to me it was very important to understand Genesis very well before dealing with Dynamik Website Builder. On the Genesis Homepage you'll find a lot of useful information about how Genesis works. Also you'll find a Genesis Beginner's Guide at the StudioPress Homepage. There's a very good course at Up and Running with Genesis for WordPress. Team Treehouse also has a course named "Genesis Framework Foundations".

    Regards, Leo


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      More details needed: What are your settings in Wordpress - Reading (screenshot maybe)?
      Or did you create a page named "Blog" and use the Genesis blog template (that way you could set a layout also)?


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        Hey Lego guy, thanks for the YT link--have watched a couple already, but great info! I'm not a WP newbie, but new to Genesis & DWB--really, really like it so far!

        SiGa, Reading settings are just standard, Home page & Blog page-in static setup......I did create a page called "Blog", chose the the Blog page template under Page matter what layout I choose under Layout Settings in the page edit screen, the layout can only be changed by changing the default layout in Theme there a specific Genesis/DWB setting? That's what my question is.

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          I'm experiencing the same thing. In fact I was actually trying to implement a custom masonry layout for the blog page in one of SIGa's tutorials and I can't seem to get it to take effect on my blog page. Referring to this tutorial:

          However, even if I remove that functionality and use the standard "blog" page template, and attempt to change the genesis layout via that page, it still shows the layout I have set as default.

          Wondering is causing the style of the blog page to remain default.


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            oh snap, I think I figured it out mike1yogi. Try going back and de-selecting your blog posts page in the static home customization area. just leave it empty. After I de-selected that my masonry function started working.

            Seems like maybe when you assign your page as the blog posts page it overrides other page template settings.

            Hope that works!



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              Yep! I should have thought of that I've had to do a similar thing on a different site with different theme.....thanks my friend!


              • SiGa
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                That´s why I asked for the reading settings.

              • mike1yogi
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                Ha! You coulda just said not to select a Blog page It doesn't mention this anywhere, but it's all good, thanks!

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              Hi, I may be missing something but I am having the same problem regardless of whether I have the Blog page as 'default template' or 'blog template' in Genesis Dynamik - as long as 'Blog' is selected as the blog page in reading settings the main theme layout setting overrides the layout setting I chose on the individual blog page.

              The fix above sounded like it was to de-select the blog page as the 'Blog' page in the reading settings, which does work in terms of getting the layout selected on that individual page to override the main theme layout, but how then do you get a blog page that pulls in blog posts? Thanks for any help.


              • SiGa
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                You´d have to give more information about your current setup (which might not be the same the original poster had), please, if you can´t show your site (URL). Do you use EZ static homepage or a different page or latest posts page? What are your reading settings?

              • wwirene
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                Hi SiGa, thanks for your reply, I just realized I didn't have this set up to email me when someone posted. I am using localhost with xampp right now so there's no url, I did not use the EZ static home page, I used the Beaver Builder blank home page template for the home page along with the function and CSS code that Cobalt (I think) gives that allows for full width rows. I have 'full page' set as the default layout, and for the blog page I thought I could leave it as the default template and simply select the layout option that has the right sidebar for just that page, which works until I assign that page as the blog reading page, once I do it gets overridden regardless of whether I leave it as 'default template' or 'blog template'. I hope this helps.