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Genesis Extender or Beaver Builder

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  • Genesis Extender or Beaver Builder

    From browsing these forums it appears that a number of people are using Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder. From my limited understanding it seems that both Beaver Builder and Genesis Extender can be used to modify and customize Genesis Child Themes.

    I would be interested to hear any opinions on which is the better tool for modifying and customizing Genesis Child Themes.

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    Genesis Extender requires a child theme.

    Dynamik Website Builder is a child theme. DWB will not work with other child themes.


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      I have both, and agreed with Sogwap.

      What I can say is, DWB and Beaver builder is a great pair. They offers flexibility and ease of use.


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        To clarify, Beaver Builder is a content layout plugin and has nothing to do with modifying or customizing the actual theme.

        That said, you can use BB with:

        - Genesis + Extender
        - Genesis + DWB
        - pretty much any other well constructed theme


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          I've been wondering about all the talk about Beaver Builder here on the DWB Extender Forum.

          It is good to know about what Plugins are available like BB, Visual Composer and how they can work together with DWB.

          However, I like to keep plugins to a minimum and prefer to rely on DWB's Native Functions to not only "Modify or Customize the actual them" but to also layout my content.

          I really don't get why I should learn to use BB with DWB... It seems like putting the time into learning more about Wordpress PHP would be a more efficient use of my time.

          Now, Plugins that actually extend DWB's core WP functionality like using ACF to Add Custom Fields makes more sense to me.


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            Beaver Builder often allows you to layout pages in a fraction of the time that would take using only DWB.

            Beaver Builder Lite is free to use and try.


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              I might be missing something here but BB is not directly related to Genesis, Extender or DWB.

              It appears to be something of an extender of the extender. Something that may or may not add more weight to page loading time.

              Rather than taking the time to learn and follow BB protocols I'd rather develop greater mastery of DWB and Wordpress PHP.

              Then laying out pages in the optimal way would certainly take less time.


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                The best setup for me is Genesis / DWB / BB / Microthemer. I would also consider Visual Composer as a possibly superior page builder to BB but now I am using BB.


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                  The Pro version of BeaverBuilder comes with its own themes whereas the standard version is just a page builder. So can anybody state the pros and cons of using BB Pro without Dynamik versus BB standard with DWB? i.e. what extras does Genesis/DWB bring? Thanks.


                  • SiGa
                    SiGa commented
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                    Beaver Builder is NOT related to the whole layout of a site. Dynamik Website Builder builds/styles your (child) theme for Genesis (layout, sidebars, widget, menus, hook boxes, responsive behaviour....) while BB only cares for your content inside a page/post. Sure, you can use the BB themes if you prefer to have something ready-done.
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                  • StueyG
                    StueyG commented
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                    Thanks for clarifying that.

                  • Sniffle Valve
                    Sniffle Valve commented
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                    To further clarify, in addition to the BB theme, the Pro version of BB comes with Custom Module support (build your own) and the Pro version is required for WP Multisite installations.

                    My combination is Gen + DWB + BB Standard

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                  @StueyG: To your question: "So can anybody state the pros and cons of using BB Pro without Dynamik versus BB standard with DWB?"

                  I use WordPress + Genesis + DWB + BB in production. Obviously WP is the foundation, Genesis the stable Framework, DWB the code generator and BB for layouting and editing in the frontend. Typically we program every repeating element (like header, footer, contact forms etc.) with DWB's Hookboxes and place them wherever they're needed. Labels and Conditionals help us to determine on which pages the elements show up and on which not. Once this stuff is done we produce the content with BB.

                  There's a BB theme as well and of course it's good to use if you can/want to edit your templates by hand. We don't use templates at all because it's so easy and quick to build a website from scratch with the above tools.

                  "BB Pro without Dynamik?": In my opinion only, if you can or want to edit the code (functions.php, templates etc.) by hand.
                  "BB Standard with DWB?": Good choice but you loose all the good stuff of the BB Pro version (see their website for comparison). The Pro Version is just more productive. For us it paid off already with the first project.

                  Hope this answers your question,
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                    lego2015: do you find this combination of tools still optimal and productive?
                    Thank's in advance,
                    Maria Luisa