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Custom widget areas not registering

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  • Custom widget areas not registering

    NOW FIXED - I had opened Appearance>Widgets open in 2 tabs. Logged out and in again and all good. Sorry...


    I'm trying to add two custom widget areas but try as I might, they are not showing up. (I've used Dynamik since it was first released and have succesfully made many custom widget areas.)

    Originally I had just one CWA, which worked fine. The name and class were the same (obv the class was hyphenated). It was for a custom section submenu, and was set to Shortcode.

    Today I added another CWA, name and class again the same as each other but different to the first CWA, again set to Shortcode. Fine.

    Then I realised that I should best apply the same class - submenu - to each, rather than style them separately. So I changed the class (not the name). Both disappeared.

    Now I can't create any CWAs at all, whether hooked or shortcode. Or rather, I can create them but they're not appearing in Appearance>Widgets.

    Have I done something stupid?

    All the installation is up to date (latest WP, Genesis, Dynamik and plugins) and as I say the original CWA was fine until I messed with it so I'm ruling out plugin clashes or whatever. I was wondering if a reinstall of Dynamik (re-uploading it via FTP) might help but I'm not sure if I do that if I'll mess things up further?
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