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css builder and 'responsive' styles from Dynamik Design is not included on logout

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  • css builder and 'responsive' styles from Dynamik Design is not included on logout

    Hi All,

    First poster here!

    As the title describes I am having a weird issue with Dynamik-gen. I have seen other posts here but they seem not to relate.

    As soon as I log out from my development blog. All style written in the
    Genesis -> Dynamik Design -> Responsive ;
    Dynamik Custom -> CSS (via front-end) ;
    and also functions.php via Dynamik-Custom -> Functions
    disapear. The simply never gets loaded.

    I've checked permissions and settings, and to be frank I am lost here.

    It has never happened before. Any light you guys can shine on this issue is greatly appreciated

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    Most likely a caching issue.
    Usually when login, caching is turned off, meaning changes are noted immediately.
    However when you are not login, you may see caching in effect for hours.
    Note caching could be enabled via plugin or hosting environment.


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      So you logg in - write code - Save (?) - log out - log in again and the code is gone? (You don´t have any other tabs open and you´re not logged in in a different window using a different browser? Please make sure).

      And you don´t have any caching (plugin/hosting) or CDN in place?


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        sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier.

        I fixed it by disabling dynamik and reenabling it, after I saved functions etc everything was in order.

        I dont understand the mechanics of the problem but it was similar in nature to when dynamik cant write to the uploads folder; except for the errors and permissions where not the problem.