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Not A Place For Venting Your Complaints

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  • Not A Place For Venting Your Complaints

    Recently we've had a few flagged posts from members who were tired of reading the same rants about product licensing or pricing and so on. I've since deleted such posts, but I felt it necessary to make something crystal clear. This forum is not the place to vent your frustrations or beat the dead horse of your own personal pet peeves. If you have some constructive criticism we're all ears and even then it's up to us to respond (or not) accordingly. And if you're not feeling heard than you're more than welcome to send us a direct email through the contact form in your "My Account" page on But beyond that we would appreciate that you respect the fact that this is our forum provided for our members, with the purpose of sharing, helping out, discussing, and finding solutions. And all done so in a respectful and appropriate manor. Beyond that we hope you will take the discussion elsewhere as it's otherwise distracting to those who are here for the above stated purposes.

    So I just want to be clear that we will delete any posts or replies that go beyond above stated purposes of this forum. And again, this is not just coming from us, but from several members who would also prefer that we keep this forum clear of unnecessary negativity and complaining, focused on positive progress and useful information for all Cobalt Apps members.


    Eric Hamm