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Incompatible with Blogcopier https?

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  • Incompatible with Blogcopier https?

    Anyone used blogcopier with Dynamik on https multisite? I'm not sure how to find the problem.

    I'm using the plugin Blogcopier on Wordpress multisite. It copies the whole childsite including Dynamik. It works on http but I tested it on a https multisite but the layout is messed up. Like header logo not showing.

    I checked it it makes a difference when I export/import the settings and export/import the Dynamik skin. But still not showing the layout of the source site.

    Seems like it can't find the CSS. Or can it be related that the certificate is not there yet? Or is there an obvious reason the layout is messed up?

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    We can´t really help with any third party plugin here (multisite and https might complicate things further) and I never used this one.
    But this plugin doesn´t state it will work on multisite (unless I missed something) and hasn´t been updated for 2 years now. Why not try a different one?


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      Good idea. Any recommendations?

      I found NS Cloner but would welcome any other suggestions.


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        I used NS Cloner on multisite with subfolders and it worked with Dynamik. That wasn't https though.


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          tested NS Cloner and can confirm that it works with https.
          Thanks for your help.


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            Thanks for confirming, glad to hear.