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  • Beaver Builder Integration questions

    Hello again DWB family,

    I am trying Beaver Builder (Lite) for the first time with DWB and am stuck.

    You might be able to poke around on the temp domain and see what I'm up to.

    Ideally, I'd like to be able to remove all the EZ sections (Feature Top and Fat Footers) and build the Home page with Beaver Builder. I simply want to have 3 rows - the blue section with the text and photo, then the text section below that, and three columns to put widgets in below that.

    Note that all themes and plugins are current. I'm using the Enterprisepress skin, which may be the problem/conflict? But I tried going back to the default Dynamic Skin and it's super messed up. I attached screen shots of both. The one with the black bar on top and bottom and white area in between is the Dynamic Skin.
    As you can see from the screen shot of the EnterprisePress skin it is showing EZ Feature Top #1 section and the EZ Fat Footers. But the Beaver Builder sections I tried to add do not display at all. You can see what I tried to add in the screenshot while in Beaver Builder edit mode on the Home page.

    I also installed the Dynamik Website Builder and Beaver Builder Integration plugin from Manuel Costales. But it gave me the warning that someone else mentioned about needing to have Dynamik plugin installed. I had it installed and active so I'm not sure what that's all about. I know I'm using the Lite version of Beaver Builder. Is that the problem? I'm not sure what exactly that plugin is supposed to do. It automatically deactivated.

    I also tried installing the Genesis Dambuster plugin but it didn't appear to do anything. So I deactivated it.

    Any insight and help would be freaking awesome!
    EnterprisePress skin does not display Beaver Builder rows. Dynamik Skin displays like this. This is what the Home page looks like in Beaver Builder edit mode.

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    Pic one doesn´t look super messed up to me....

    - If you want to go with Beaver, don´t use EZ Home for frontpage. Go to Dynamik Design - EZ and change the setting to use default posts.
    - Create a new page, call it whatever you want (let´s say: Home).
    - On the right side you´ll find the template dropdown. Choose the Page Builder template and save. Style that page with Beaver, save.
    - Go to Wordpress Settings - Reading and define your new "Home" page as your frontpage (you can also define a different page as your blog page). Save.

    No additional plugin needed to work with Beaver, except you want the other features Dambuster brings in.
    Have a look at the Dynamik/Beaver tutorials, created by Sniffelvalve/Lyle:


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      Thanks SiGa. I followed your directions and was able to hide the EZ sections. But Beaver Builder sections still are not showing. I've got the Home page selected as the Static Page and the page itself uses the Page Builder template. And I re-activated Genesis Dambuster.

      I'll check out the tutorials next, but if you see this and have any suggestions for setting that I'm missing still, let me know. Thanks a bunch!


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        Unfortunately that´s happening in your backend, so at this point, I´m pretty through with guessing I fear....
        Some screenshots of settings might help, but can´t promise.


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          What do you mean BB sections are not showing?
          When you start a new page, then select the Page Builder template, Then click on Launch Page Builder the BB page builder should open that then allows you to build your page.
          When you first open the page builder it gives you a blank page, You then have to add Rows, Columns and any number of modules onto the page.


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            Hi Guys,

            I just discovered that the rows and content I had set up in the Home page had disappeared somehow! Weird.

            I tested new content and am rebuilding the section. Whew! Stoked! Thanks so much for walking me through that. You are the best.


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              jamesb303 - you may also want to take a look at this tutorial ... might help you along




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                Thanks for the link to the video. I went ahead and tried using Genesis Dambuster on my home page to make it full width but am stuck. I was able to enable it and remove or show the header and navigation, so I know it's working at that level. But I'd like to be able to make the content section "backgrounds" full width, without stretching out the text and image areas past the 800px full width content I had set in Dynamik. Note that I tried changing the Inner Content Width setting to "blank" in the Helper Classes tab of Genesis Dambuster but it had no effect.

                Is what I'm trying possible with Genesis Dambuster or is it something that requires other specific settings within Dynamik? I played around with Dynamik last week to accomplish this but had no luck. I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like currently.


                • SiGa
                  SiGa commented
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                  If you choose to use a pagebuilder for your content area (and either the pagebuilder template or Dambuster to have full width), you need to understand that the content width settings are driven by the page builder then, Dynamik widths are obsolete on those pagebuilder pages. What you want is a setting in Beaver.
                  See here, heading "Rows" (row content width):
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                • jamesb303
                  jamesb303 commented
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                  Thanks SiGa. I found the setting for the rows and made the backgrounds full width while retaining the fixed width of the content. So stoked!

                  I also watched videos and read up on Beaver Builder and Beaver Extender so I have a better understanding of what all they do.

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                I'm back... Can anyone shed some light?

                Trying to make my own site full width but am not having any luck. My site is I've compared the settings to what I set up for and they appear to be the same.

                If I go into the Home page using Beaver Builder Plugin, and click on Tools at the top, then Global Settings. Both sites are set to Full Width Rows and Fixed with Content.

                If I check the rows themselves they both show the same as the global settings.

                The only way I've gotten it to look different is to go into Dynamik Design > Widths and change Full Width Content Layout / Content to something wider (like 2040px) than what I want the content to be. It makes the row that width and leaves the content at 1040 which is what I had it set at. Confused? Me too.

                Any help would be much appreciated.



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                  To enable full width rows

                  1. You must use Page Builder template. Dashboard > Edit Page > Page Attibutes > Template > Page Builder
                  2. Then open Page Builder.
                  3. Create a new Row. (or edit an existing row) and click on the wrench to edit Row Settings.
                  4. The first tab has setting for Width <Full Width/Fixed>, And Content Width <Fixed/Full Width>
                  4a. Also on this tab are setting for Background color and/or background photo.

                  This will only work on Pages, If you want to use the Page Builder on Posts, several additional steps are need.
                  This also requires DWB Version 1.8 or higher. If you are using anything older, you must update DWB.


                  • jamesb303
                    jamesb303 commented
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                    Ah ha moment! I had everything set correctly except I just had to change the template from Default to Page Builder. Thank you so much Sogwap!