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  • HELP On Nav Menu

    I want to get my nave menu to appear in the header area on the right side (logo is on left). I am stumped. Do I need to hook it into this area and how? Be gentle on me
    Last edited by clintholden; 11-26-2016, 04:45 AM.

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    Hi, clintholden ! I think you asked the same in my skin thread. There´s a written documentation on my skin demo site which includes how to get that menu. See here (title: Menus):


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      Thanks. I am getting there. Still a little confused. Your instructions say: Due to the fixed header, you can only use the primary menu with the following option checked in Dynamik Design – Responsive – click Show/Hide button:
      Are you using a Header Menu? Use Primary Menu as a mobile version of the Header Menu”.
      If you uncheck this, the primary menu will be visible, but moved up to run under the transparent header on frontpage.

      I am not seeing that question, "Are You Using A Header Menu" after clicking show/hide. What am I doing wrong?


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        Also, on the home page of the mobile view, my logo (still need to adjust size) is an entirely gray section ... yet when I open any of the pages it is not.


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          clintholden Can you please offer a URL of your site and also a screenshot of the area(s) in question? It isn´t possible to help if we don´t have anything to look at I fear....
          Do you have the newest version of Dynamik installed?

          header menu.JPG


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            Newest version just installed tonight I think. 1.9.9? I have started from scratch - watning to just take my time learning this well