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  • Place Search Above Sidebar Widgets

    Hello everyone. I'd like to place a search box, by itself, above the sidebar widget areas. If I just place search within the widgets, I get all of the sidebar widget styling associated with it. I just want the search bar to be all by itself on the top right with the sidebar widgets underneath it. If anyone can at least point me in the right direction of what I should be researching or thinking about in order to accomplish this, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    You could create a custom widget area
    Dashboard > Genesis > Dynamik Custom > Wiget Areas

    Here create custom widget area and hook it into one of the SIdebar hook areas.
    You may try before genesis_before_sidebar_widget_area
    This may give you what you want.

    If you want it above the sidebar area, you can google how to place the search box within the Navigation bar.

    Or possibly place the search widget within the Header Right area.

    I have place search boxes in all these areas, Depending on your exact requirements may require a bit of custom code to get the styling just right.


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      AWESOME! Thanks Sogwap. I've totallly been intimidated and afraid to jump in and even figure out what hooks are. Your response enticed me to search out and find the "Genesis Visual Hook Guide" plugin and the "Genesis Simple Hooks" plugin. Then all I had to do was navigate to Genesis > Simple Hooks, then find the "genesis_before_sidebar_widget_area" hook and place my Ajax Search Plugin shortcode there and YAHTZEE, I'm in business. =) So excited to see how EASY it is to customize things once you understand how the hooks come into play.
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        Glad it was helpful.
        The real power and simplicity however lies with Dynamik. As it provides areas to create and enter CSS, PHP, jQuery, Widget areas and hooks, ALL without having to need FTP, or multiple external files.