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  • Personal intro of newbee

    Hi all,

    My name is Joost and I'm located in the Netherlands. I'm the administrator of three wordpress sites. For one of these sites I am now switching to Genesis + Dynamik. If successful, I will switch the others as well. I am not a web developer but do have reasonable (I think....) understanding of CSS and HTML. I have a lot of newbee questions that I'm trying to get answered from the documentation but no doubt I will have questions here.

    Frankly, the learning curve is a steeper than I anticipated based on the video tutorials that I watched prior to purchasing Dynamik. it starts already with the overview articles. They are over three years old. In the meanwhile, apparently menu structures have changed. Perhaps trivial changes but they pose signifcant hurdles for a newbee like myself.



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    Welcome, Joost!
    Watching the videos and searching the Docs and the forum will surely get you 70-80% of the way. And for the rest, there´s always the helpful community.
    Don´t hesitate, just shoot a question and add enough infos (URL, link to the video, screenshot) and we´ll do what we can.

    Oh, and if you´re on Facebook, there´s a Dynamik group, also:
    Good luck and have fun!


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      Welcome to the forum, really helpful people here try search for the topic if not post the queries as you learn