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  • Trouble migrating website

    I recently bought the Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.9 and just completed designing my test site. I like how it looks and am ready to migrate it to my active site. However, after exporting the settings and design files to my active site, all I have ended up with in the dashboard of my website is the Dynamik skin template that I chose for building the test site. My test site and active site are just as they were before I started the migration. Anyone have suggestions as to what I may have done wrong or left out in the process of moving the new design to my active site? Thank you!

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    I´m not sure I get you right here... Can you please decribe the steps you took to migrate the site or design? Did you move content, too, or did you just import a skin?

    If you actually intended to move the whole test site including content to replace a live site (or create a new one), I´d recommend the free Duplicator plugin to do that:


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      this plugin seems really cool