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Need Help -- Extender Not Displaying as On Videos

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  • Need Help -- Extender Not Displaying as On Videos


    I've had Genesis Extender for over a year and have had issues learning to use it. Tonight, I tried again using instructional videos, but when I enable element selectors in the front end css builder, I do not see the ID tags as seen on video -- they don't appear at all. I think this has been part of the problem -- I'm not seeing what's on the videos. What am I doing wrong? I'd appreciate any assistance -- thanks so much in advance!

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    Well what you see on the videos might not be the same as what you see on your site as it depends on what childtheme you´re working on.
    I´d suggest you turn to support staff (see yellow box on top of this site) - it might help if you could make screenshots or even a short video to explain the troubles you have. It´s hard to help you from here in the forum as we don´t see you working and couldn´t really figure out what might go wrong.