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Can't save CSS on Front End with Beaver Extender

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  • Can't save CSS on Front End with Beaver Extender

    I'm converting a site from Genesis Dynamik over to Beaver builder. I'm using the Beaver extender. No caching (WP Engine staging). I've removed all plugins except BB and Extender. The CSS will save in the backend editor. But, when the front end editor is turned on, it does not save on a page. It just returns a 0 instead of "Custom settings saved".

    It does, however, save if I am editing a Beaver builder template (custom post type). But not on any page. There's no global CSS or JS either. I've tried multiple browsers and get the same result. How can I resolve this?

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    Nevermind... figured out the issue. I was accessing the staging url as http, not https. Once I loaded the pages as https, they would save.


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      And don't forget that Beaver has inbuilt caching. Sometimes you got to flush that, too (settings).


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        I've just run into this issue again and it has to do with https. We develop on WP Engine using their transferable installs. At this stage, you cannot add ssl, so all urls on the front end load as http. So if I try to use the Beaver Extender front end CSS, it doesn't save. It just spins when I click save. I have to copy my work and go to the back end, turn the front end editor off and paste/save.

        Now, if I take that transferable install and deploy it to a live site, I start off with the same issue because it is still loading as http. But when I then add SSL and start loading the pages as https, now it will save. Same with the staging. If I load the page as http, no save. If I use https, it saves.

        I've tried with both relative urls on/off in the Extender settings but it's still not working with http. Is this a WP Engine thing or am I missing something?


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          I would highly recommend to contact support staff with this issue and let them have a look at your backend - I doubt we could solve this from frontend in community forum as we don´t see anything related to your setup or server.

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        Thanks. I was able to have WP Engine do a force https on the transferable install and that fixes it for us for now. Just seems super weird that it won't save as http.