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non-responsive sidebar-content-sidebar layout

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  • non-responsive sidebar-content-sidebar layout

    I can't get my head around how to fix the following:

    In the vast majority of our site we use the content-sidebar page layout. However, for some we need the content-sidebar-content layout. And there I run into trouble as the layout appears to be rather non-responsive, especially for smaller laptops and tablet. Please have a look at this page:

    At full screen, the page is fine, but when decreasing the view window, the left sidebar moves to below the content, leaving a large left margin next to the content. I would be happy with a solution that just hides the left sidebar and left-aligns the content. Attempts to do so failed however. Firstly, I cannot manage to hide the left sidebar. A CSS command like .sidebar-secondary {display: none} works in the Dynamik Custom CSS but not in the 'responsive' section of Dynamik Design. Secondly, even if I can hide the left sidebar, the content area does not fill the open space. I think I understand how to widen the content area, but then it would remain fixed width and I would like to content area to flexibly fill the remaining space.

    I could also live with a solution to switch to the content-sidebar layout for smaller screens but I do not see how I could do that.

    How should I approach this?

    Thanks for any suggestion.

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