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Multiple collaborators and version control

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  • Multiple collaborators and version control

    Hi Everyone,

    We are scaling up our development team, and would like to bring in a few people to work on our website. We're using Dynamik child theme with Genesis. We've had issues in the past where two people simultaneously editing custom theme settings (such as hook boxes) would overwrite each others' changes (even when they were different hook boxes). So now we're looking into using version control for the theme files.

    Does anyone have experience with putting Dynamik into version control? Are the theme settings stored in the database or in a file? We would mainly be interested in custom functions, JS, CSS, and hook boxes, as those are the most frequently changing parts of the site theme. Ideally we'd like to get to a place where multiple people can work in their dev environment, making theme changes, and then push the changes to version control when ready, which will then get deployed to a staging site, and then to production.

    If version control isn't the way to go, is there another alternative you can suggest to allow multiple people to work on the site?

    Appreciate your help on this!

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    amakk, I would recommend to contact support staff from your My Account page for some insight of the developer (Eric) on this (see yellow box on top of this page).