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Plugin deactivated and lost all my styling and widgets

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  • Plugin deactivated and lost all my styling and widgets

    The extender just deactivated self and I lost a whole day of styling. All the widgets I created are gone. Is there a way to save codes away from the plugin? Already disappointed at the plugin and hopefully this will not happen if the site is up and running.

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    What happens when you reactivate the plugin?


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      No idea. Just working on the site and the plugin just disappeared and deactivated. I reactivated later and luckily the codes came back. Strange but got me worried.


      • Sogwap
        Sogwap commented
        Editing a comment
        So After you re-enabled the plugin, things were restored to normal.

        This is typical behavior for any plugin.

        As for why as SiGa noted below this has happened to me occasionally.
        I dont remember ever losing any settings after re-enabling a plugin.

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      A plugin usually doesn´t deactivate itself. Most of the time something else is the cause, and the deactivation is just following. During the last years, this only happended to me once or twice (not with CobaltApps products, though), and the cause was an update that threw it off for some reason (in both cases just reactivating solved the problem fortunately, as settings are usually stored in DB or somewhere else so you won´t loose them).

      You might want to check your error logs (if you know how to access them), there should be a hint as to what was happening. If this happens while working and without anything else running, it´s highly unusual. Searching for the cause in your setup is well worth it then.