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Creativity Question - How does one achieve this? New theme or.....

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  • Creativity Question - How does one achieve this? New theme or.....

    Hello I am quite a newbie and came over from Joomla a few years back and started with WP. I started with Genesis theme with Dynamic and just kept going from there with plugins along with some minor simple coding. I always looked around and seen things I liked on other sites and tried my best top get my setup close. How do more experienced coders or WP people do it when you get the urge for the big change. We see many websites changing over to similar designs which is cool.

    How does one work on another design while site is live if you choose another whole design concept? (do you need another whole WP account on server like a re-seller account)

    Say we went with another theme cobalt offers but we made so many changes with the child theme, pretty sure a quick click to change a theme is not the best way. Everything has to be misaligned...

    Does most just keep changing Genesis for a new look? (seems we get tired and look for that big change sometimes)

    Basically I seem to never be happy with my results and always looking to change things and ver curious how the pros and advanced users go about these subjects (change)...

    TY for any input....I figure I come to the source to ask these questions because i was kinda molded with WP and Dynamic

    TY again guess I'll add my site (go easy on the newbie lol) feel free to give feedback negative or positive...

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    I would recommend to have a look at DesktopServer (or similar), there's a free version and it's ideal to play and try and design new skins. Use Duplicator to port your existing site over.
    Of course, you can also install WP in a subfolder of your server and point your domain to the new installation when you're ready.


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      AWESOME! TY so much, I have my environment set up and already testing some themes. My next question (forgive the newbie ?'s) ; I am so use to Genesis Framework with Dynamic and quite confused and limited in testing. Can I get the same setup that is on my server for testing? I also see Cobalt supports different frameworks and themes correct? Trying to get same setup as original post or similar so I have more options on themes n my new testing environment. Hope this makes sense.

      Assuming each framework has its own skins/themes like Dynamic correct?

      TY again


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        That is why I wrote
        “Use Duplicator to port your site over“
        Google for that plugin.
        Ahm - many frameworks, many themes, very different - can not cover all of them.
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