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EZ Static Homepage not showing anymore

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  • EZ Static Homepage not showing anymore

    Hello all,

    I am experiencing a very weird issue with this website:

    At the moment it's showing a landing page as per the setup in the Reading section as a static page of the WordPress backend:

    The strange issue is that when people click on the EZ Static Homepage here: they get a default WordPress page instead of the EZ Static Home Page.

    It is important to mention that the EZ Static home page was working just fine few days ago I have no idea on what has happened.

    Many Thanks

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    I SiGa, I can read my posts now... :-)

    Thanks for your reply, now my question how can I have a landing page as a static front page and access the original EZ Static front page? My client told me that the EZ page was working fine on following this slug so something has happened .
    So if two front pages cannot be setup at the same time is there any work around to show a seasonal landing page with the option to visit the EZ static page?

    I am thinking to stop using the widgetized home page because it is very restrictive.
    Many thanks
    Best Regards


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      Easiest way to go in your situation would be to use the current landing page and create a page called "Home" with your pagebuilder instead of EZ (if you find this rectrictive anyway), without setting it to be the frontpage. But you´d have to tweak the link of your logo if you still want to point it to that page (Genesis tutorials can be found out there).

      Other than that, I don´t see a possibility without JS or redirects (or a plugin? Don´t know...). I´m no SEO expert but I´m not sure if this setup is wise.