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Logo Error on Chrom

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  • Logo Error on Chrom

    Hey I have some problems with setting up a Logo.

    Here all is fine but on Chrom or some devices the Logo looks like in Image.
    I dont know what I do wrong ... cause the settings should be ok.

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    I don´t see that problem in Chrome (Win10) and it doesn´t look like this header is a Dynamik/Genesis header so I´m not sure if I can help you with that.

    Did you check your media queries and your custom CSS if something there doesn´t match your logo width?


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      Its in Chrome on Mac ... on header I only use this css …
      .site-header {position: relative; z-index:1; background-size: 680px}
      .site-inner {margin-top:-150px;}

      and this settings for header logo on image ... I cant find something wrong ^^


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        hmm I think no it works .. dynamik had an issue with the logo file in mediathek ... cause the bigger one I load into normal upload section and the logo what I place in settings was uploaded into u images section.
        i deleted all logos from the normal section and it works I think.