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  • Site Stuck on 1.7.1

    I just went in to make some changes on a site of mine and noticed Dynamik is stuck on 1.7.1 but says it's up to date. I'm sure I'm missing something, but I've been to dashboard-updates and nothing is showing there. I re-added my license key and still nothing. Could anybody point me in the right direction please?

    Thank you.

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    I just went into the theme page and at the bottom of the page this is showing (attached). I think this site originally had Catalyst which I might have recently deleted. Gulp.


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      Well, "Dynamik Website Builder" (for Genesis) and "Dynamik" for Catalyst are two different things. Dynamik for Catalyst will not update as it´s development has been retired years ago.


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        The plot thickens. I upgraded using easy theme and plugin updater as suggested in another thread. The theme updated to the latest version BUT the save button is greyed out and has a swirling circle next to it. Any ideas gratefully received!

        Thank you


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          Thanks Siga- I think that message was from an old version of that Dynamik for Catalyst in that case. I do also have the dynamik for genesis, which wasn't updating. (also have genesis correctly installed and updated) but just have this greyed out save button now.


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            Ok, following advice on another thread I have also resolved the greyed out save button and swirling circle. This was just a case of clearing the browser cache- seems to be an issue others have had too. So the theme is now up to date and working- phew! Still not sure why it wasn't showing updates originally, but hopefully it will now.


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              Glad to hear!