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    hi there,

    i'm trying to duplicate the secondary header menu that i have on this page: so that i can just select it and have it in the footer as well. i've searched for different plugins and codes online without any luck. is there a way to put a footer into dynamic so that i can easily just go into the menus section and designate it to appear on the bottom too? any help is appreciated.


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    What is the div with the class "su-row" there in your footer? Did you already create a widget area probably?

    You could always just use a menu widget then. Maybe needs some custom CSS.

    If it´s important to assign a menu location via Appearance - Menus, you´ll also find several articles out there for Genesis, for example:
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      i'm using something called "simple edits" to try to style the menu. thanks for the article. it worked great as far as getting the footer selection to show up under appearance >> menus. however, the menu never actually makes it onto the footer in the actual live website.