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Website broken all of a sudden

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  • Website broken all of a sudden

    Hi All. I have created several websites with Genesis as parent theme and Dynamik Website Builder as a child theme.

    All of a sudden some of our sites started looking broken:


    I got in touch with hosting provider. They said it's a theme issue. Get in touch with theme developer.

    Kindly help. What should I do.

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    Those sites don´t look broken to me in any way. so I would doubt it is a theme issue.. Are you sure there isn´t just caching going on? Check for caching or optimizing plugins and clear caches. Also clear caches of your browser. Try a different device and different browsers. Does it still look broken?

    If so, please make screenshots and turn to CobaltApps support team from your MyAccount page, because this is only a community forum.