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Custom CSS file save issue with Genesis Extender

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  • Custom CSS file save issue with Genesis Extender

    I made a small modification to one of my hooks by adding DIV wrap, saved, then upon refreshing the front end my work is showing a stylesheet from 2 hours previous. So basically I lost 2 hours of work. Argg.

    I thought it was a cache issue (no caching on this site) but after trying the standard tricks. I log back in only to see the spinning save wheel, I refresh and all my CSS edits are gone.

    Any way to get the stylesheet that I was expecting back?

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    My CSS stylesheet miraculously re-appeared. But my change to my hook box still won't show on the front end.


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      Hi, Jason! Please contact support team from your My Account page. We don´t have any insight when it comes to backend problems, community forum can only troubleshoot problems on frontend with all symptoms happening there. Also note that there is a new forum (see menu on the CobaltApps site). Thank you!