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Seeking Responsive Header Tips

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  • Seeking Responsive Header Tips

    Watched Eric's tutorial video on creating page-specific headers which worked like a champ.
    Noticed, however that as size of screen gets smaller, the left and right sides of the header images get cropped.
    What I want to have happen is for each page's header image to shrink but retain its original, full size aspect ratio.
    I saw another tutorial of Eric's showing a CSS trick that dispenses with the traditional need to create Logo images for each device class.
    Is there a similar trick for doing the same thing with a page-specific header image?

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    Sure, as each page has a specific page-ID and a fitting class added to the body. So you can address the pages in question with CSS.

    I would suggest to subscribe to the new forum and post your question with more specific details and URL of the site there or, if you don´t want ot have your URL public, contact support staff via My Account page with your infos.